5th Institute of Physics

Finished PhD Thesis

Kathrin KleinbachIons and Electrons Interacting with Ultracold Atoms - Novel Approaches Based on Rydberg ExcitationsPhD16.07.2018
Matthias SchmittA self-bound dilute quantum liquid of Dysprosium atomsPhD22.03.2017
Alban UrvoyLarge bandwidth excitation of Rydberg atoms in thermal vapor : fast dynamics and strong interaction effectsPhD22.04.2016
Holger KadauRosensweig Instability and Droplets in a Quantum Ferrofluid of Dysprosium AtomsPhD21.04.2016
Michael SchlagmüllerA single Rydberg Atom interacting with a Dense and Ultracold GasPhD01.04.2016
Thomas MaierInteractions in a Quantum Gas of Dysprosium AtomsPhD10.11.2015
Renate DaschnerAddressable Rubidium vapor cells for optical and electrical read-out of Rydberg excitationsPhD20.04.2015
Alexander KruppD-state Rydberg electrons interacting with ultrcold atomsPhD02.10.2014
Jonathan BalewskiA single electron in a Bose-Einstein condensatePhD20.02.2014
Valentin VolchkovOptical pumping of a dense quantum gas at its limitsPhD28.11.2013
Stefan MüllerStability and Collapse Dynamics of Dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensates in One-Dimensional Optical LatticesPhD23.11.2012
Johannes NipperInteracting Rydberg atoms: Coherent control at Förster resonances and polar homonuclear moleculesPhD26.07.2012
Harald KüblerKohärente Rydberg-Spektroskopie in einer Rubidium MikrozellePhD27.02.2012
Björn ButscherA Rydberg InterferometerPhD26.05.2011
Jonas MetzCollapse of dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates for different trap geometriesPhD16.09.2010
Vera BendkowskyUltralong-range Rydberg molecules: Investigation of a novel bindingPhD24.03.2010
Ulrich KrohnUniversal scaling and coherence properties of an ultracold Rydberg gasPhD11.2008
Bernd KaltenhäuserElectromagnetically Induced Transparency in Optically Trapped Rubidium AtomsPhD04.2007
Robert LöwA versatile setup for experiments with Rubidium Bose Einstein condensates: From optical lattices to Rydberg matterPhD13.12.2006
Axel GriesmaierDipole-dipole interaction in a degenerate quantum gas Bose-Einstein condensation of chromium atomsPhD07.2006
Jörg WernerObservation of Feshbach resonances in an ultracold gas of 52CrPhD14.06.2006
Axel GrabowskiAufbau einer Messapparatur zur Laserkühlung und hochauflösende Rydberg-Spektroskopie an 87Rb-AtomenPhD21.03.2006
Sven HenslerWechselwirkungen in ultrakalten dipolaren GasenPhD19.07.2004
Jürgen SchoserErzeugung eines Bose-Einstein-Kondensats in einer stark anisotropen MagnetfallePhD08.12.2003
Piet SchmidtScattering properties of ultra-cold chromium atomsPhD20.03.2003
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