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The group “Physics Didactics” at 5th Institute of Physics is a bridge between natural science and school education. Within the scope of our university’s teacher training programmes (Bachelor of Arts, Master of Education) we are responsible for didactical as well as select scientific aspects of our students’ education. From a very early stage in their university education onwards, they are given the opportunity to work with school classes on individual teaching units.

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We closely cooperate with the school lab “Spiel der Kräfte”, providing current and future physics teachers an opportunity to use a variety of teaching methods when introducing school students to up-to-date research topics.

Currently, our work focuses on the following areas:

  • Development of new teaching concepts for modern physics,
  • Support of the transition from school to university,
  • Development, realization and testing of new experimental setups for the education of teacher training students and usage in schools and school labs,
  • Development of digital knowledge platforms for educators.

Seminar Room

Teacher candidate students are welcome to use our group's seminar room 0.343 in Pfaffenwald 57 whenever no lectures or courses are taking place. Check out the room calender to find ot about openings.

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Ronny Nawrodt

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