5th Institute of Physics


December 31st, 2018Positions available
May 23rd, 2018Hot Vapor Workshop / Stuttgart 2018
March 19th, 2018Liechtenstein Award 2018 for Florian Meinert
February 20th, 2018Florian Meinert receives Postdoctoral Fellowship for Leading Early Career Researchers
January 26th, 2018Q-Science Slam on Feb 8, 2018 at Theaterhaus Stuttgart
January 26th, 2018Publication prize of the University of Stuttgart goes to our Dysprosium-Team
January 26th, 2018SCIENCE Perspectives "Quantum liquids get thin" by Igor Ferrier-Barbut and Tilman Pfau
December 14th, 2017Q-Science Slam Trainingsworkshop on Feb 2, 2018 - Register now!
December 8th, 2017Tim Langen honored by New Journal of Physics
September 13th, 2017"Spiel der Kräfte" on tour in Belgrade, Sept. 11-29, 2017
July 11th, 2017Carl Zeiss fellowship for Florian Meinert
July 11th, 2017ICOLS poster award 2017 for Igor Ferrier-Barbut
March 16th, 2017Florian Meinert has received two awards for his dissertation
December 19th, 2016Christian Veit honored with the Artur Fischer prize
December 19th, 2016Tilman Pfau live at Science Pub
October 4th, 2016Tilman Pfau has been awarded the Herbert P. Broida Prize
September 22nd, 2016"Spiel der Kräfte" im Kunstmuseum Stuttgart
July 27th, 2016ICAP 2016 in Seoul - Tilman Pfau talks on "Long range interacting quantum systems"
May 18th, 2016Colloquium K. Danzmann, Gravitational Wave Astronomy, June 6, 2016
May 18th, 2016"Spiel der Kräfte" meets "Einstein inside" 05/30 - 06/11/2016
May 13th, 2016Alexander Dalgarno Lectures with Tilman Pfau at Harvard University in May 2016
December 21st, 2015GiRyd: Preliminary program of the review meeting April 6 - 7, 2016
October 20th, 2015Quantum world in a laser fridge
October 20th, 2015MeetScience starts on October 15
June 8th, 2015DFG Priority Program GiRyd: Call for Proposals
June 4th, 2015June 4-6, 2015: "Spiel der Kraefte" participates at Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag in Stuttgart
March 26th, 2015New Priority Program of the DFG: Giant Interactions in Rydberg Systems (GiRyd)
March 23rd, 2015New DFG priority programme "Giant Interactions in Rydberg Systems (GiRyd)" coordinated by Prof. Tilman Pfau
March 4th, 2015Können Atome tanzen? Kinderuni mit Tilman Pfau in Weil der Stadt am 7.5.2015
January 27th, 2015Neu: MeetScience - Mentorinnenprogramm für Schülerinnen ab Klasse 10
December 3rd, 2014DPG Gentner-Kastler-Award 2015 for Tilman Pfau
November 25th, 2014French-German Gentner-Kastler Prize 2015 awarded to Tilman Pfau
November 20th, 2014Quantum physics live at Theater Rampe
September 5th, 2014Symposium "Perspectives on Quantum Atom Optics, Nov. 13 - 14, 2014
July 15th, 20148th Workshop 2014, October 5th - 8th, Schloss Reisensburg, Günzburg
February 3rd, 2014Preliminary meeting for Hauptseminar "Precision measurements" (SS14): Friday 07.02.2014 - 16:00 - Room 3.123
September 24th, 20137th Workshop 2013, October 27th - 30th, Schloss Reisensburg, Günzburg
May 2nd, 2013Popular article about our reseach with Rydberg atoms
January 7th, 2013Workshop on Continuous Sources of Quantum Matter, March 11th - 13th 2013, Freudenstadt
December 10th, 2012Sant Feliu Satellite Workshop on Long-range Interactions 3.-5. Sept. 2013 in Stuttgart Program available
October 21st, 20126th Workshop 2012, Schloss Reisensburg, Günzburg
May 30th, 2012PhD students and postdocs wanted
October 13th, 2011IQST Kick-off-Meeting: Invited speakers include S. Haroche and W. Zurek
September 21st, 2011DPG Spring meeting in Stuttgart
January 21st, 2011ERC Advanced Grant for Tilman Pfau
December 22nd, 2010BW Foundation promotes International Excellence Research Project
August 16th, 2010Humboldt fellowship for Dr. Emanuel Henn
March 12th, 2010Hands-on-physics exhibition "Spiel der Kräfte" guest in Barcelona
November 24th, 2009Thierry Lahaye receives the 2009 Louis Armand prize of the French Academy of Sciences
September 29th, 2009Dipolar Quantum Gases Workshop September 30th - October 1st, 2009
July 24th, 2009Artur-Fischer-Prize for Thomas Baluktsian
May 13th, 2009Humboldt fellowship for Dr. A. Mohapatra
March 24th, 2009Applied Atomic Optics Conference July 27 - 29, 2009
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