Milestone in quantum simulation with circular Rydberg qubits

May 7, 2024

'The Quantum Länd' team is making important progress in the field of quantum simulation and quantum computing based on Rydberg atoms by overcoming a fundamental limitation: the limited lifetime of Rydberg atoms. Circular Rydberg states are showing enormous potential for overcoming this limitation. The renowned journal Physical Review X reports on this in its latest issue.
[Picture: Aaron Götzelmann]

Publication: Christian Hölzl, Aaron Götzelmann, Einius Pultinevicius, Moritz Wirth, Florian Meinert: Long-Lived Circular Rydberg Qubits of Alkaline-Earth Atoms in Optical Tweezers, Phys. Rev. X 14 (2024), DOI 10.1103/PhysRevX.14.021024, Physical Review X.

Press release of the University of Stuttgart, May 7, 2024

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