Illustration of a many-body quantum gate with trapped Rydberg atoms

Quantum computer on the way to prototype

February 1, 2021

The joint project "QRydDemo"starts on February 1, 2021.
[Picture: Celina Brandes, Universität Stuttgart]

In the collaborative project "QRydDemo" we want to realize a demonstrator for a Rydberg quantum computer together with researchers of the Institute of Theoretical Physics III at the University of Stuttgart, the Institute of Complex Quantum Systems at the University of Ulm and TOPTICA Photonics AG in Gräfeling as a partner from industry. In order to reach this goal, we group Rydberg atoms in a two dimensional optical trap structure and perform quantum logical operations by controlled entanglement and shifting the atom traps. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research supports this project with nine Million Euro, the industry partner contributes another 1.1 Millionen Euro.

Project website "QRydDemo"

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