Physicists from Stuttgart prove the existence of a supersolid state of matter

September 9, 2019

Exotic quantum matter is solid and superfluid at the same time
[Picture: Wolfram Scheible]

A supersolid is a state of matter that can be described in simplified terms as being solid and liquid at the same time. In recent years, extensive efforts have been devoted to the detection of this exotic quantum matter. A research team led by Tilman Pfau and Tim Langen at the 5th Institute of Physics of the University of Stuttgart has succeeded in proving experimentally that the long-sought supersolid state of matter exists. The researchers report their results in Nature magazine.

Read the complete publication in "Nature" or on "arxiv".

Read the official University of Stuttgart press release.

Watch the movie.

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This image shows Tilman Pfau

Tilman Pfau

Prof. Dr.

Head of Institute

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