Task Force Meeting on "Perspectives for supersolidity in dipolar droplet arrays"

June 3, 2019

Time: June 3 – 4, 2019
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From 03.06.2019 to 04.06.2019 we welcomed 30 participants für the first task force meeting on "Perspectives for supersolidity in dipolar droplet arrays" in Stuttgart. The event was supported within our DFG Forschergruppe FOR 2247 ("From few to many-body physics with dipolar quantum gases") and highlighted the exciting latest insights and rapid developments in this emerging field.

Speakers included:
Mingyang Guo (Pfau group, Stuttgart)
Giovanni Modugno (LENS)
Manfred Mark/Laurianne Chomaz (Ferlaino group, Innsbruck)
Hans Peter Büchler (Stuttgart)
Russel Bisset (Santos group, Hannover)
Thomas Pohl (Aarhus)

We thank all participants for a successful meeting!

For further information see the article by Axel Pelster in Physikjournal 06/2019, and recent articles in Nature and Physicsworld.

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