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Hauptseminar: SS18: Quantum Gases and Liquids






Hauptseminar SS 18:
Quantum Gases and Liquids





Quantum mechanics can dramatically affect the behavior of gases and liquids. Prime examples are the influence of quantum statistics, the appearance of macroscopic coherence, or the emergence of superfluidity and other new states of matter. In this seminar we will discuss recent progress in this highly active field, both from a theoretical and an experimental viewpoint. For this, we will cover a wide range of densities, from extremely dilute and yet superfluid atomic gases all the way to the very dense droplets of quantum liquids.




Course requirements (Bedingungen für den Schein)

  • This seminar is in English. This includes the talk, discussions, and the summary paper
  • Attend all seminar classes. On every date one of you will be randomly chosen to give a two minute summary of the previous talk on the blackboard.
  • Timely and intensive study of your own topic. The suggested literature for each topic serves as a starting point and is NOT sufficient. Independent literature search is required.
  • Presentation of your topic in the seminar, duration 45 minutes
  • Written summary paper on your topic (4-5 pages "PRL style" using LaTeX)
  • The following deadlines have to be met to successfully complete this class. You are responsible to organize the meetings with the class supervisors! If you are ill and can not present your talk, you have to provide a written medical statement, as for every other exam!
    • 4 weeks before your talk: Discussion with your supervisor AFTER finding & reading the literature
    • 2 weeks before your talk: test talk
    • 4 weeks after your talk: Hand-in of your summary paper

Topics and suggested literature:







      General information event (Vorbesprechung)
    • Presentation of all the seminars available in SS2018
    • Sign up for seminars


    PWR 57
    Room 3.123


    Organizational Meeting (Treffen zur Organisation)

    • Assignment of talks
    • Find a preliminary day and time for the seminar
    • Define schedule
    • ...


    Preliminary talk schedule: Tuesday/Thursday - 15:45. (E) and (T)  indicate a focus on experiment or theory, respectively.

    Talk #1 Thursday, 12. April 2018 Weakly-interacting quantum gases (E/T) (Talk, Paper) TL Anasuri
    Talk #2 Thursday, 19. April 2018 Quantum gases with tunable interactions (E/T) (Talk, Paper) FM Roser
    Talk #3 Thursday, 26. April 2018

    Quantum ferrofluids (E) (Talk, Paper)

    TL Alten
    Talk #4 Thursday,  3. May 2018 Cancelled !
    Talk #5 Tuesday 8. May 2018 Quantum gases under the microscope (E) (Talk, Paper) FM Munkes
    Talk #6 Thursday, 17. May 2018 Molecules from atoms (E/T) (Talk, Paper) KJ Liu
    Talk #7: Thursday, 07. June 2018 Molecular laser cooling (E) (Talk, Paper) TL Scharwaechter
    Talk #8 Thursday, 14. June 2018 Quantum gases in gauge fields (T/E) (Talk, Paper) KJ Kodali
    Talk #9: Thursday, 21. June 2018 Cold Rydberg gases (E) (Talk, Paper) FM Kongkhambut
    Talk #10: Thursday, 05. July 2018 Quantum fluids of light (E/T) (Talk, Paper) KJ Hölzl
    Talk #11: Thursday, 12. July 2018 Low-dimensional quantum gases (E/T) (Talk, Paper) FM Kilic
    Talk #12: Tuesday, 17. July 2018 The temperature of a quantum gas (T/E) (Talk, Paper) + LABTOURS @ PI5 TL Hertkorn


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