Hands-On Lab in Studio 11

Vertigo. Op Art and a History of Deception 1520 - 1970

Experiment with physical phenomena around light, color and oscillations in Studio 11 until August 23, 2020.


Op Art and a Hiostory of Deception 1520 - 1970

The exhibition VERTIGO was initiated by mumok Vienna and is implemented in cooperation with Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, where it will be shown from November 23, 2019 till April 19, 2020. VERTIGO presents a wide spectrum  of about 120 art pieces ranging from panel paintings, reliefs, and objects to installations and experiential spaces, to film and computer-generated art from the late 1950s till 1970. Op Art - or optical art - is an art movement that works with visual effects - from geometric patterns to light in all its manifestations, through manipulated perception, and optical illusions.

Scientific phenomena and developments have inspired artists at all times. In the hands-on lab MITMACHLABOR, we take up some of the underlying phenomena of the art pieces in the exhibition VERTIGO. The visitors are invited to deepen what they have seen and experienced in the exhibition with the experiments in the hands-on lab in Studio 11:


Set the the pen in motion and the pendulums will draw beautiful patterns.

Light Mixer

What other colors can you create with the red, green and blue spotlights?


The magnifier reveals the color of the individual pixels.

Printer Colors

Which colors are used to print colorful images?

Color Filters

What color are the cranes? Lift the color filters. Was your guess right?


Put two patterns on top of each other. What happens when you move or rotate the upper one?

Laser Painting

How many different light figures can you create?

Color Temperature

Compare the color of the cardboards in the light of the different LEDs.


Can you paint your own anamorphoses?


This image shows Robert Löw

Robert Löw


Deputy Director

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