Spiel der Kräfte in Belgrade 2017

5th Physics Institute

From 11 to 29 September 2017 hands-on physcics exhibition at the gallery of the Serbian Academy of Science and Art in Belgrade

Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade.
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Exhibition Poster
Наука кроз забаву – Science for Fun

From 11 to 29 September 2017, "Spiel der Kräfte" was a guest at the Gallery of Science and Technology at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Belgrade. The event was organized by the Institute of Physics at the University of Belgrade, the Galerie of Science and Technology and the Center for the Promotion of Science in Belgrade.

In the exhibition "Наука кроз забаву – Science for Fun", visitors were able to try out exciting and surprising physical phenomena  at 16 hands-on stations from the "Spiel der Kräfte" collection. The three weeks exhibition offered experiments around optics, mechanics, electricity and magnetism. The visitors created coloured shadows, practiced building bridges without screws or nails, or explored the mystery of a stubborn suitcase. The visitors were expertly looked after by a team of students of natural sciences at the University of Belgrade as well as pupils of the upper level of the mathematics grammar school, Belgrade.

The aim was to arouse the interest of pupils and the interested public in physics phonomena. The supervisors profited from the experience of conveying complicated physics facts in a comprehensible and descriptive way. The pupils were able to experiment independently at stations which are usually not available at the schools and, e.g. when working with "black boxes", gained insight into scientific working methods and got in touch with scientists. Teachers were invited to deepen ideas from the exhibition in class or to set up similar experiments in class with the pupils.

The idea of the exhibition

The idea for the exhibition in Belgrade was born as part of a project of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Since January 1, 2015, PhD students from Branislav Jelenkovic's group at the Photonics Center of the University of Belgrade and Robert Löw from the 5th Physics Institute of the University of Stuttgart have been spending time alternately in the partner's respective research laboratories and working on the realization of a laser system for excitation of potassium atoms and spectroscopy of strongly interacting Rydberg gases.


The exhibition was on display until 29 September 2017 at the  SASA Gallery of Science & Technology in the building of the Serbian Acedemy of Sciences and Arts:
Djure Jaksica 2
11000 Belgrad, Serbien

Impressions from the opening day on 11 September 2017


This image shows Karin Otter

Karin Otter


Outreach, CZS Center QPhoton Management Office

This image shows Robert Löw

Robert Löw


Deputy Director

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